We have two different options for vendor booths:

Single Vendor Booths — $40

10 × 10 space. Note: Vendors may choose to purchase a second space to make a single 10 × 20 space.

VIP Vendor Booths — $100

10 × 10 space, plus a 1/3 page advertisement in the printed program and on our website.

If you are interested in having a booth at Fort Collins Pagan Pride, please fill out the Vendor Contact Form.

Note: FoCo PPD will be making an effort to prevent too many “duplicate” vendors. For example, we would not want to have two massage therapists making them compete for business. In the event of duplication conflict the first vendor to sign up will be given preference. It is our goal to be fair while ensuring that all our vendors also have the opportunity to get enough traffic through their booth to make it a great day for all.

For information about sponsorship, please see our Sponsor Info page.